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Bangor’s Fairmount Park basketball court gets big assist from resident

By Andrew Neff For the Bangor Daily News

BANGOR, Maine — Adam Moskovitz is the first to admit he’ll never be mistaken for a great basketball player, but he’s being credited for a huge assist to the city of Bangor and his Fairmount Park neighborhood.

Thanks to a private donation by Moskovitz, a Florida native who has been living in Maine the past nine years, the asphalt basketball half-court at the corner of Fairmount Street and Norway Road has gone from crumbling eyesore to a visible park centerpiece.

“I go by the court a lot and noticed it was in pretty rough shape, and at one point the idea just came to me to give back to the community I live in,” said Moskovitz, who moved to Norway Road from Forest Avenue last year. “In the back of my mind, I guess I’ve thought about it for several months, but it became a definite about three months ago. I had the means to do it, so why not do it?”

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‘Any idea is good’: Developer hopes to revitalize Exchange Street in Bangor

By Nick Sambides Jr. for the Bangor Daily News

BANGOR, Maine — The six buildings that line the west side of Exchange Street could be home again to what they once welcomed: banks, restaurants and even a garage. Or they could house something new, such as a salon or small-scale events center.

The CEO of the company that recently purchased what’s informally known as the Nichols Block is open to any notions a business developer or an architect might have, with one caveat.

“Any idea is good,” Adam Moskovitz said, “just so long as it adds value back to Bangor.”

The 39-year-old CEO of ANM Properties of Bangor gave local media a tour of the buildings on Thursday. ANM purchased the six buildings as one 53,000-square-foot property for an undisclosed price on Oct. 24 from the family of Eaton W. Tarbell Jr., whose father was a well-known Bangor architect.

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Six Bangor buildings sold in one blockbuster package

By Nick Sambides Jr. for the Bangor Daily News

BANGOR, Maine — The last large block of downtown buildings left underused since the 1990s is in the hands of a new owner who closed on the purchase of six Exchange Street buildings on Wednesday, officials said.

ANM Properties of Bangor purchased the six buildings as one 53,000-square-foot property. The block of interconnected buildings had a list price of $1.95 million when it went on sale in July, but final sale terms were not disclosed.

Company CEO Adam Moskovitz did not reveal his plans for the properties. He did proclaim in a statement released Wednesday that his organization “saw the sale of these buildings as a unique opportunity to continue the growth of activity in Downtown Bangor, and we’re anxious to help make that happen.”

“Downtown Bangor has a certain buzz to it, and it’s growing,” Moskovitz said. “We live here and work here, so the vibrancy of Downtown Bangor is very apparent to us.”

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